Following the success of the FNB Kwata cricket program the Momentum School T20 League has been launched to support in Cricket Namibia’s efforts to identify and support the hidden talents of young and upcoming cricketers. The inaugural match took place on 17th February 2017 at WAP. This franchise featured players from 9 schools from central Namibia in selected regions and these players were grouped to ensure that all participants got the much needed experience and also so that they could learn from their new team mates a different ability, background and culture. All 4 teams namely Wildebeeste, Impalas, Gemsbokke and Springbokke consisted of about 20 players. Matches took place every Friday up until the 31st March 2017 the day of the final, between the two teams at the top of the log which were Gemsbokke and Wildebeeste competing for the title of the “MOMENTUM T20-SMASH IT CHAMPIONSHIP 2017”.

The event was developed all thanks to the high demand for cricket across Namibia at this level. Through this new concept Cricket Namibia is addressing the gap which exists between participation at school and national level.

Collage image taken from the inaugural matches, as you can see all very cheerful.

The Momentum T20 Smash It (U/19) come to an end on Friday 31st of March 2017 where the Gemsbokke and the Wildebeeste need to play against each other to see who will lift up the trophy.

The Gemsbokke beat the Wildebeeste by 18 runs

The player of the day who stood out was Eben v Wyk who hit a tremendous 96 runs during the final, which helped his team in their victory over the Wildebeeste and he also bowled 3 overs with only 17 runs against him and 3 wickets in his pocket. Well done to this young cricketer!!!

The franchise was seen as successful and beneficial to all participants that took part in the 2 month franchise period. From the start the teams were very competitive and we saw good cricket being played by the young cricketers.

Prize Giving

A price giving ceremony took place where a few trophies were handed over to each team’s best batsman and best bowler by Mr Franklin Green (Board Member: CN)

Best Batsman : Wildebeeste
Ramon Wilmot
Windhoek Gymnasium

Best Bowler : Wildebeeste
Divan la Cock (absent)

Best Batsman : Gemsbokke
Eben van Wyk Windhoek Gymnasium

Best Bowler : Gemsbokke
Estiaan Jacobs

Best Batsman : Springbokke
Benna Calitz

Best Bowler : Springbokke
Jan-Hendrik Potgieter
Edugate (Otjiwaronogo)

Best Batsman : Impala’s
Richard Stears

Best Bowler : Impala’s
De Wet Ferreira
Whk Gymnasium

It was very exciting to see how youngsters such as JC Balt, Divan la Cock and Jan-Ivan v Dyk, who were only U13 last year, showing that they can handle the higher level of cricket against more senior U19 players such as Albert vd Merwe and Eben v Wyk just to name a few. A lot of satisfaction was taken away from the franchise as the participants got much needed exposure and experience that was lacking from players from outside Windhoek and with getting this opportunity they made sure to grab it with both hands.
A word of thanks to our sponsor Momentum who made this franchise games possible!
We looking forward to the next season’s games. As we are looking to further growing and making the franchise bigger and better for 2018, increasing the amount of participating teams, getting more schools involved and increase participating regions.

These are the lists of names of boy’s that took place in their respective teams as per the first Momentum T20 Smash It Franchise league 2017.

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