ICC Africa U19 Division 1 2019

Namibia have been awarded to host the U/19 World Cup Qualifiers Division 1 from the 15th to 24th March 2019. There are five countries set to compete in the U/19 World Cup Qualifiers against our  U19; Kenya, Uganda, Nigeria, Sierra Leone and Tanzania from which the winner will advance for 2020 ICC U19 World Cup in South Africa.

We are pleased to have the opportunity to host the Qualifiers. This is a big step forward for us to be more recognized and invited to participate in bigger events by the ICC. The Qualifiers will be an opportunity to celebrate the time and energy our players have devoted to cricket.

The U19 are ready and will put in all they have for this coming event to be a memorable one.

The Namibia National U/19 team that will take part in the ICC World Cup Division 1 Qualifying event are are as follow:

PLAYERS                                                                                                RESERVES

Brink                                        Henry                                              Bosman                 Renier

Neethling                                 Dian                                                Engelbrecht           Diwan

La Cock                                    Divan

De Gouveia                              Matthew

Wilmot                                     Ramon

Van der Watt                            Victor

De Villiers                                 Jan-Izak

Wittmann                                 Erich

Willson                                     Eric

Ngupita                                    Mauritius

Beukes                                     Etienne

Theunissen                                Mell

Opperman                                 Altus

Balt                                             JC

The captain for this team will be Divan la Cock and vice-captain Victor van der Watt, the coach will be Dee Thakur assisted by Gareth Cloete and the manager will be Lauritz Haccou.


Prepared by Natalia Nauyoma

Cricket Namibia

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