APS Tournaments

Last year, APS sponsored a successful U15 tournament and this year they have expanded their reach as they want to keep encouraging and supporting the growth of cricket in Namibia. APS is investing all their efforts in the concept of 'keeping young boys off the streets and keep them from getting involved with the wrong crowds' and also

What has been happening in Cricket?

What has been happening in Cricket? Men: Currently in their pre-season, the national men side are busy with conditioning programmes that will help the players build strength, agility, flexibility and other abilities to improve each player’s physical abilities. This is when the focus is turned towards the skill training in various department.

U15 Tour to Potchefstroom 2017

The U15 team left to Potchefstroom, to take part in the annual Cricket South Africa U15 Cricket Week, under the guidance of one of Namibia’s most promising up and coming coaches, Fortune Matawu, and they did not let their country down. The team won the three T20 matches that they took